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      Wooden Buildings, Stations & Sheds

      These buildings are made from high quality wood and are the perfect addition to any growing wooden railway. We have carefully selected some of the best buildings available which are compatible with all leading wooden tracks and are great value for money!

      We are currently closed. Sorry for any inconvenience!
      Wooden Signal Tower
      Wooden Engine Shed with Switch Track
      Wooden Railway Station
      Wooden Village Railway Station
      Wooden Big Yellow Crane
      Wooden Pirate Galleon
      Wooden Coal Mine
      Wooden Train Washer Building
      Wooden Country Windmill
      Wooden Dino Crane
      5 Way Wooden Engine Shed
      Single Wooden Engine Shed
      Wooden Container Shipping Yard
      Wooden Underground Station
      Wooden Water Tower
      Wooden Signal Box and Level Crossing
      Wooden Treasure Cave
      Wooden Triple Engine Shed
      Wooden Coal Canal Docks
      Wooden Milk and Water Depot
      Wooden Gravel Crane
      Wooden Fire Sea Rescue
      Wooden Bell Tower
      Wooden Fire Station Shed
      Wooden Barrel Drop
      Wooden Farm Hay Barn
      Wooden Sand Tower
      Wooden Safari Outpost
      Wooden Safari Lions Den
      Wooden Medieval Training Grounds
      Wooden Medieval Dungeon
      Wooden Medieval Dragon Crane